Permanent Residence (PR) Card Renewal. 

Permanent resident cards are valid for up to 5 years. If your PR card is about to expire or will expire in less than 9 months you can apply for a new one. You will still remain a permanent resident even if your card expires. The PR Card renewal process will take a minimum of 49 days and if required can be done quicker with urgent processing.  A fee of $50 has to be paid for PR renewal. To pay for a renewal of PR Card you must pay online and print the receipt to be attached to your application. The application must include photos as per photo specifications or it may lead to rejection of your application.

Eligibility for PR Card Renewal:

In order to be eligible for a PR card renewal you must be:

  1. A permanent resident of Canada.
  2. Be physically present in Canada.
  3. Not under an effective removal order.
  4. Free of conviction for any type of offenses.
  5. Not a Canadian citizen or registered Indian under the Indian Act.
  6. Having proof of a lost or stolen PR card (if applicable).

How to apply for PR Card Renewal?

To apply for a PR card renewal you will have to fill out an application consisting of a form IMM 5444e along with requisite documents. The documents required are as follow:

  1. Your initial PR card that has expired or is soon to be expired. If your card is soon to be expired you may keep it until the new one is issued.
  2. In case of lost or stolen; proof of a lost or stolen PR card.
  3. A copy of a valid travel document such as your passport. Photocopies must be clear.
  4. Clear photos according to photo specifications in the guide.
  5. Other identity documents that may be required.
  6. Criminal records proving you are not under any convictions.
  7. Other Requisite Documents:

In addition to the above, you may also need to provide other documents such as:

  1. A copy of the record of confirmation of permanent residence.
  2. A copy of a valid ID such as a driving license, student ID or a photo-identity card.
  3. Recent tax documents.
  4. A birth certificate if the applicant is under 18 years of age.

Processing Time for PR Card Renewal:

It will take about 90 days for the processing to take place. New PR cards may be issued within 45 days. The IRCC website will provide accurate processing times on their website. It may take up to 6 months depending upon the number of applications IRCC is working on and complexes cases may take up to a year to process. 

Fee for PR Card Renewal:

A fee of $50 dollars has to be paid for each application for renewal of the PR card. As the application fee for PR Card Renewal is non-refundable so make sure you are eligible for PR Card renewal. Permanent Residence is a status and status never expires, only the PR card expires. Submit a complete application in order to avoid the return of the whole application package.

How will I get my new PR card?

If you are a permanent resident living inside Canada you will get your card by mail. However, in some cases you will be asked to collect it from the local IRCC office. It is important to inform IRCC in case of a change of mailing address. If you do not pick your card within 180 days it will be destroyed subsequently. If you are residing outside of Canada you will not receive it via mail and will have to collect it once you are in Canada. If however, your PR card has expired prior to your return to Canada you will have to apply for a permanent resident travel document. This is valid for only ONE re-entry solely for the purpose of renewing your PR card.

What to do if I have not received my PR card?

You must wait for a period of at least six weeks for your card to be mailed to you. However if six weeks have been passed and you have not received your card via mail despite being mailed to you, you may contact IRCC for the status of your PR card renewal application,

Keep in mind this time frame reflects those applications where an applicant is meeting the residency obligation of PR and if someone is not meeting the residency obligation then processing time may vary according to the complexity of the application.

If you are not sure whether you met the PR residency obligation and eligible for PR Card Renewal and need to learn more about the PR Card Renewal Process, we can help you! The Visa Canada Team has years of experience in handling complex immigration applications.