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According to Statistics Canada every year more than 100,000 students come to Canada on Study Permits. Canada has highly reputable and one of the best education system in the world. Canadian Colleges and Universities are among top rated Institutes of the world offering a wide range of subject areas at a moderate fee structure as compared to USA, Australia & United Kingdom. Canada has true cosmopolitan culture and is called land of immigrants, student studying in Canada has more chances to observe multicultural, multiethnic environment as compared to the rest of world.
C’est La Vie Canada’s Expert and British Council Trained Educational Counselors will provide you professional career counselling in choosing the best course at the right institute for you. With our vast range of affiliated institutes, C’est La Vie Canada’s team also provide specialized study permit (visa) applications and also help you in getting Work Permits after completion of your studies. After completion of Education in Canada opens some other doors of opportunities for those who want to permanently integrate into Canadian Society. For more information or FREE assessment please click here. 
Study in Canada
Pursuing higher studies in Canada? It is a really big opportunity for foreign students to get study permit in Canada. Every year 180,000 foreign students visit Canada for further studies and the numbers are increasing day by day.
At this time, Canada is becoming a country of choice for foreign students to follow higher education due to numerous aims such as Excellent Education System, Friendly Environment, Lower Tuition Fees, Safe place to live and Study, Multilingual Nation, Finest Healthcare Services, Lots of Tourist Charms, Sensational Campus Way of Life, and Radical Levels in Technology and Research Fields.
Canada offers world class well-known education system in cheap rates. The degrees are well-known and are deliberated as degrees from the US or any Commonwealth nation. Canadian institutes offer a wide range of courses to pursue your diploma, degree, graduation, post-graduation and Ph.D. courses.
All these elements come together to make Canada one of the prominent destination to study, work or for living around the world. Though, the procedure to get Study permit for Canada is extensive that is followed by rules and regulations at every corner. However, in this article, we have tried our best to describe all the requirements necessary for its permit.

Finding an Institute
At First, you need to find a Canadian Institute that host international students too. The institute that welcome students from abroad are known as Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). If you are successful in getting admission in a Canadian Institute in your desired field you have high chances of getting a study permit.
Getting Study Permit
It might seem some steps but getting study permit is a time-consuming procedure, but it is worth waiting for. After completing your studies, TheVisaCanada team can also help you to get a work permit or to get permanent residence visa, those who want to permanently get settled in Canada. The procedure of each program is well explained in their sections which you can browse to. Here are the steps to start visa proceeding for study.
So the very first step is to get accepted by one the DLI's. Our trained career Council team from British Council can help you to select the best course matching your abilities. By selecting a course one can look for institutes that host international students.
The visa proceedings start as soon as you get your acceptance letter.
Canadian government then issues the study permit under the name of the student.
Note: For long term courses study permit is obligatory, however, the study permit is not vital for students that complete their courses within six (6) months.
Rules & Regulations for Study Permit
The Canadian government ensures certain rules and regulations to accept your application for the study permit. If your application to study permit might have been rejected these might be the facts you have failed to provide.
The first and foremost requirement is of finance, which means that one is fully able to endow his/her own studies completely. Besides this, evidence is required that you are eligible to hold your expenses while your stay.
Secondly, you are required to show an evidence that you are eligible to take care of your family that is with you during your stay. The family here includes spouse and children (if any).
Proof of acceptance from any DLI
Proof of identity i.e. your passport, pictures. (Note: some evidence details might vary from country to country)
As mentioned earlier, the study permit is not required for short courses i.e. courses for 6 months. But after their completion, you need to apply again if you wish to stay here.
Work permit with study is not required if you fall under these categories
If a student is in tenure of study permit
Sometimes institutes offer part time jobs to their students too which don't require work permit.
Financial proof
You must be able to prove that you can take care of yourself and your family (spouse and children, if any) who is accompanying you during your stay. By showing some of the following documents you will be able to provide them that you hold enough assets that can support you while your stay. 
  • Bank statements of the last four (4) months
  • A letter of evidence from any institution or person offering you money
  • Evidence if you have funded scholarship within Canada or funded Canadian program
  • Evidence of educational loan from an institution
  • Evidence of payment of tuition and accommodation fees
  • Evidence of a Canadian bank account in your name if money has been transferred to Canada
While Financial or every assistance you can take help from our trained staff who have years of experience and have tackled numerous cases with severe complexities. You might be questioned against your bank statements where you might be needed to show proof that from where this all money comes from.
Work Permit for spouses and Application procedure
Foreign candidates having valid study permit can bring their spouse or common law partner apply for an open work permit. This will enable them to work till the period of study permit. Candidates who want to avail this opportunity must be full time studying and have a legit study permit at: 
  • A public post-secondary institution; or
  • A private post-secondary institution that runs under the same rules and regulations as a public institution and obtains half of its overall set-ups budget from government grants; or
  • A private institution authorized by provincial statute to confer degrees.
This open work permit allows its holder to work for any employer in Canada and does not require a job offer, or a Labour Market Impact Assessment. Bear in mind, this open work permit may exclude certain occupations (such as jobs in schools or hospitals) unless medical examination is provided.
If you have decided to bring your family to Canada while you study tenure, and you’ll be arriving at the same time, you must consider filling out one application for the whole family. If you have a variety of different permit applications (your study permit and your spouse or common-law partner’s work permit, for example) you will need extra documentation and will need to include additional fees (such as the additional fee for the work permit).
Children Permit
A child accompanying his/her parents who come under study/work permit does not required a study permit. They can study at pre-schools, primary and at secondary levels without having study permit. For this you need to have a child passport or child listed on the parent’s passport having study/work permit. Child may have a visitor record.
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Choose right course and institute. We have a number of affiliated institutes too that offers almost every course of interest.
Get Work Permit
TheVisaCanada team offers a specialized visa assistance service that can help you to get work permit after your study is completed. You might be able to get Permanent Residence (PR) here in Canada once you complete your studies and fullfill other requirements.